A family business that believes in original flavors, non-chemical farming, simplicity in all stages of production, from cultivation and collection, to the selection of it's raw material, it's bottling and labelling.

It simply aims to do what it's name signifies; to let nature treat you it's goods.
Simple as that.

We combine two different but relative brands;
Organic, extra virgin olive oil and jams, spoon sweets and related items at "Zaharias" area situated at the Municipality of Argos-Mycenae holding the brand name "Fisis Filema" (Φύσης Φίλεμα), which in greek means that which nature treats you!

Extra virgin olive oil, product of organic farming since 1993, 0.4% acidity, unfiltered, cold pressed, produced from olive trees, non-irrigated, 80% “manaki” variety – 20% “ladoelies”, in an area of about 20 acres, in a height of 350m., where it is packed in our audited packaging laboratory and it is certified by the certificate body Cosmocert.

Recipies...made "at home"!
Jams, spoon sweets and liqueurs, made in a traditional way so as the flavour from the fruits remains natural, without any preservatives.

We simply let nature treat you it's goods. Simple as that.