Recipies made..."at home"!
Jams and marmalade made in a traditional way so as the flavour from the fruits remains natural, without any preservatives.

Our love for nature and it's farming as well as the need for original flavors free from preservative ingredients that alter the tastes have led us to this parallel (to olive oil production) activity of the production of jams, spoon sweets and liquers made exactly with this philosophy.

The "sweetest" delicacy that keeps us "company" from the early hours in the morning as well as any time during the day, rich in nutrients, can be "treated" either smeared alone or mixed with it's friendly confectionery ingredients!

In any case, it is distinguished for the uniqueness of each flavor of each jam, "releived" from any conservative.

After all, it is made "at home"...

Jams and marmalade (in a glass vase content of 450gr)
apricot - fig - orange - peach - plum & vanilla - strawberry